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Hair Removal Treatments

Are you looking to remove unwanted hair? Waxing, Electrolysis and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are all effective methods of hair removal.  

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Which method is suitable for me?


Hair is removed from the hair follicle with either warm or hot wax, depending upon the area being treated. Hair is required to be at least 5mm in length to be successfully removed.

Please follow the aftercare which will be provided to avoid irritation after waxing and to get the best results from your treatment. 
This is a temporary method lasting approximately 4-6 week before you will need to repeat to remove the hair.


Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal and is an effective way of removing facial hair and on smaller areas.

Short Wave Diathermy works by inserting a small electrical current into the area that needs to be treated. With this method of hair removal, any colour hair can be treated, unlike IPL/Laser which can only target the darker coloured hairs. A thorough consultation will be taken and a treatment plan will help you achieve what you are looking for. Aftercare is very important. Please read and keep the information given after your treatment. 

A patch test and consultation is required. If you have any queries I would be happy to help answer any questions.

Advanced Electrolysis

This is to treat small skin blemishes on the skin. The types of blemishes that can be treated:

Facial Thread Veins – commonly found around the nose and on the cheeks 

Blood Spots – bright red vascular blemishes frequently found on the midriff, back or front
Spider Naevus – a central dilated capillary with smaller capillaries like the legs of a spider 

Skin Tags – Commonly found on the neck, underarm and areas of friction

Milia – Tiny white hard lumps containing keratin 

Xanthoma – deposits of cholesterol rich material under the skin 

Moles – With GP consent the mole can be visibly reduced. 

Some blemishes may require a GP’s written consent prior to treatment. 

For your peace of mind I am licenced through Cheshire West & Chester Council for Skin Piercing treatments.


Facial Waxing

Upper Lip      £8.00

Chin/Neck     £8.00

Eyebrows       £10.00

Body Waxing

1/2 Leg                    £15.00

Full Leg                   £30.00

Basic Bikini              £15.00

High Bikini               £20.00

Underarm                 £15.00

Back & Shoulders    £30.00


Electrolysis -
Hair Removal

Electrolysis - 20 minutes


Electrolysis - 40 minutes


Advanced Electrolysis - Blemish Removal

Advanced Electrolysis  -20 minutes


Advanced Electrolysis - 40 minutes


Skinbase IPL - Permanent Hair Reduction 

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light 

Removal of hair using IPL works by targeting the melanin in the hair with quick pulses of light. This light energy converts to heat within the follicle. When sufficient heat has built up, the follicle will break down and be unable to produce a new hair. This process is most effective in the ‘anagen’ phase of hair growth. Approximately 30% of hairs are in this stage of growth at any one time, therefore, a course of treatments is required.


Typically 6-10 treatments is needed at intervals of 4-6 weeks to see long lasting results. Any hair re-growth you do have will be softer and finer than before so it’s very effective if you suffer from ingrown hairs. 

For a brief look at the IPL machine:

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