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Hands & Feet

Treatments to enhance nails & skin, using quality, professional products


Your hands and feet are hardworking and are always on show... 

Professional products will enhance your hands and nails and will create a groomed image... wherever you are going!

OPI Gelcolour is a professional gel polish, cured under a LED OPI lamp.

With a 3 week average wear time, no dry time and easy removal this is the perfect gel for your manicure or pedicure.

Hand & Nail Treatments

OPI Gelcolour Manicure

OPI Gelcolour is cured under an LED lamp, giving 3 weeks of chip free colour!

Nails are filed, with cuticle work and hands massaged.  OPI Gel colour applied and dry and smudge free straight away...

French Polish Manicure £22.00

Hand Rejuvenation

Is the skin on the back of your hands starting to look like it is dehydrated? Losing elasticity?


This treatment uses a mixed weight hyaluronic acid, in a gel form, which is either skin needled or a technique called mesotherapy is used to make small injections into the back of the hands.

Hyaluronic acid, found naturally in the body, attracts 1000% its weight in water, leaving the skin plump and hydrated and in turn more youthful.

A course of 2 treatments are recommended 1 month apart.

A course of 2 treatments booked together £140.00

Luxury Gel Manicure

If you'd like your hands to have a more thorough treat, then this luxury manicure would be the treatment for you...

Hands are cleansed with Natural Elements Luxury Hand Wash, containing lavender, patchouli and tea tree. Then exfoliated with a sugar scrub and left soft and cleansed ready for your nails to be shaped and cuticles worked on.

A collagen hand mask is used with hot mitts, allowing the product to absorb while you relax...


Gel polish or varnish complete the manicure.

Pedicure Treatments

Gel Pedicure

A lovely treatment for revitalising your feet...

Sit back whilst your feet are placed in a foot spa, with a blend of aromatherapy foot soak to soothe . Your feet and lower legs will be exfoliated with a salt scrub to leave your skin beautifully soft.


Nails will be filed and cuticles will be worked on - leaving the surface ready for the 3 week OPI gel colour to be applied.


A soothing foot massage finishes this treatment- classic Swedish massage movements are performed, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


(45 minutes)

Luxury Pedicure

Upgrade to a luxury version of the Pedicure treatment - great for a special gift!

This luxury pedicure has the additional benefit of  electrically heated hot booties, with a soothing foot mask that will be absorbed into the skin whilst the feet are heated... perfect for tired feet that need some TLC...


Finished with gel or varnish for a perfect pedicure 

Microdermabrasion Pedicure

A Skinbase Microdermabrasion exfoliation removes dry, rough skin to leave feet soft and supple.


With massage, mask & hot Booties, cut & filed nails, cuticle work & OPI gel polish you will have beautifully conditioned soft feet.

Need a Course?

If your feet are in need of some serious TLC then a course of Microdermabrasion treatments may be more suitable.

A course of 4 treatments - cleanse, microdermabrasion exfoliation and moisturise, once a week will bring back the condition of the skin.

£30.00 for one

£100.00 for four bought as a course

Crystal Toe Pedicure

This is a pedicure that will turn heads!

Feet are cleansed and nails cut and cuticles worked on.

Tiny crystals are then gelled onto the nail plate to cover the entire nail, giving a sparkling wow factor!


Perfect for holidays or nights out. 


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