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Brows & Lashes

Beauty Salon

If you need to tame those brows or define your eyes with colour then look below... there is a solution....

Professional products will enhance your eye area and will create a groomed image... whether you want a temporary effect or something more permanent there is so much choice. 

I offer these brow and lash services in Northwich - * a patch test 24 hours prior to the treatment is required where indicated:

Brow Wax or Tweeze
Brow Tint*
Brow Lamination*
Semi- Permanent Makeup - Brows*
Microblading - Brows
Lash Tint*
Lash Lift*
Semi Permanent Makeup - Lash Line*

Please feel free to ask which treatments are suitable for you!​



Brow & Lash Treatments

Brow Shape

I will have a consultation with you first, to make sure I will meet your expectations of what you want.

Your eyebrows will be measured and then a combination of either warm wax or tweezer will be used to shape them. 

Aftercare will be applied and written aftercare instructions to be followed for great results!  

A brow shape will need to be maintained approximately every 4 weeks 

Brow Shape + Eyebrow Tint = £15

Brow Tint

After a consultation to decide on a colour for your brows, the skin is protected and brow tint applied.

A brow tint treatment will last approximately 3 weeks before needing to be repeated.


A patch test is required 24 hours prior.

Brow shape + Tint = £15.00

Brow Lamination

You won't believe how good this is!


Brow lamination is a fantastic treatment to straighten unruly eyebrow hair and distributes hair evenly over the brow, giving the impression of thicker, denser brows.

This treatment includes tint, wax & shape to create your perfect eyebrows.

Effects last up to 6 weeks.

(45 minutes)

Eyelash Tint

After a consultation to decide on a colour for your lashes, the skin is protected and lash tint applied.

A last tint treatment will last approximately 4 weeks before needing to be repeated.


A patch test is required 24 hours prior.

Lash Tint, Brow Tint & Shape = £28.00

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Lift, lash perm - either way this is a great treatment to have!


During a lash lift, the lashes are adhered to a small silicone pad. A solution is applied to break the bonds of the hair and then a fixative to maintain the new shape. Tint is then applied to enhance and make the lashes glossy.

The lashes are then permanently curled upwards, giving a wide eyed look without the need for lash curlers.

Effects last up to 8 weeks.

(45 minutes)

Semi Permanent Make-up & Microblading 

Semi-Permanent Make-Up


There are many reasons you may want to have permanently applied makeup.... if this is you...

Semi Permanent Make-up might be solution you have been looking for!

This is also known as 'Cosmetic tattooing' or 'Micropigmentation'.


For all the information about this service please see below!

Semi Permanent Make-up 
& Microblading for Brows & Eyeliner

Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes for:

  • Perfectly applied make-up, to enhance features or rebalance the face

  • To thicken natural brows or fill in gaps

  • A waterproof look

  • To save time


You also wish to have semi- permanent makeup as you may have...

  • An unsteady hand

  • Lack confidence in applying make-up

  • Alopecia

  • A sight Impairment

  • Undergone Chemotherapy

Eyebrows are created using either a digital tattoo pen or a Microblade to etch the pigment into the skin.  Eyeliner or through the lash line is made by using the digital tattoo pen.


I use Tina Davies Pigments that are true to colour whatever your skin tone. Each treatment includes a top up treatment 4-6 weeks later after.


You are required to come in for a patch test and consultation, to have a chat about what you are looking for, the most suitable colour you would like and your expectations of the treatment.

For your peace of mind, I am licenced through Cheshire West & Chester Council where they have inspected my premises and confirmed they are suitable for skin piercing treatments.

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